7-Year-Old Kaitlyn Maher Gave Her Grandfather’s Eulogy: We Lost It At The 3-Minute Mark

Kaitlyn Maher, a 10-year-old girl who gave the eulogy at her grandfather’s funeral three years ago at the tender age of seven, is experiencing a bit of new found fame this week after a YouTube video of her address went viral, amassing millions of hits.

(Currently, it’s up to nearly three million views on the video sharing site with thousands of comments made in the last few days.)

For whatever reason, Kaitlyn had the strength and the courage to get up in front of hundreds of people after losing her grandfather in 2011, in what was only described as a “tragic accident” by the user who posted the video.

Maher, a child who shared a love for her grandfather’s faith in God, makes many religious references throughout the speech, and even though not everyone shares her beliefs, most were still blown away by her grace, poise, and love that she showed during the 10-minute recording.

One self-professed atheist in the comments section had this to say: “I’m an atheist. But I believe the ‘god shaped hole’ is real and some people do need the idea of God. She believes in God and that makes her happy and allows her to talk about her grandpa and sing about him without crying. That’s awesome :)”

Another commenter: “Please just this once let’s put aside our differences about whatever you believe or don’t believe and agree that this child, for a brief moment, managed to take our attention away from all the misery life can bring… and make us smile. At a FUNERAL no less!”

A third, comparing the child’s grace under fire to their own, had this to say: “my grandpop passed a year ago. i couldn’t talk, i couldn’t stand to be in the funeral home. I saw his urn when i first walked in and broke down crying then ran out of the building. she’s stronger than i’ll ever be. her grandpop is probably very proud”

As for us, we lost it at about the three-minute mark. Here, have a look:

The last time we covered a eulogy that soulful and tear-jerking was probably when Stephen Colbert stepped out of character to shed light on his mother.

Colbert, however, had the experience of decades behind him. How a child could muster such courage and poise at just seven, we haven’t a clue, but the world is richer for it.

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