Impeach Obama? Texas Democratic Senate Candidate’s Platform Also Loves Obama Hitler Posters

According to The Washington Post, Kesha Rogers is a democratic candidate who ran Tuesday in Texas’ senate race with a very different platform. As a democrat her platform is to impeach Obama and is often seen carrying a poster of President Obama with a Hitler mustache. In an email exchange Rogers fleshed out her platform:

“Obama must be impeached, for protecting and expanding the impeachable criminality of the Bush and Cheney administration,” she wrote. “Glass-Steagall must be reinstated, ending the “Too Big To Fail/Jail” bailouts of Wall Street, while protecting commercial bank accounts, Social Security, pensions, and social safety nets.”

“I am reviving the true John F. Kennedy tradition in the Democratic Party, which is a commitment to progress for the nation, over blind party loyalty.”

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the effort to impeach Obama in 2014 is supposedly gaining steam, with long time advocates trying to gather support for serving up articles of impeachment to President Barack Obama, and last year Texas governor Dewhurst called for Obama’s impeachment.

Rogers is a follower of the controversial Lyndon LaRouche movement and she is accused of not being a real democrat. In an email exchange Rogers brushed off talk that she is not a real Democrat.

“All that’s left around Obama is a small group of acolytes and sycophants trying to intimidate the rest of the party into not going full steam ahead with what I represent and the true interests of the Democratic Party and the nation.”

In the democratic primary in March, Rogers had pulled enough votes to keep the democratic favorite David Alameel from winning majority vote. Alameel, a Dallas millionaire dentist and Texas gubernatorial candidate, was left with under 50 percent, Rogers garnering nearly 22 percent of the vote.

With Rogers victory in the runoff, Texas Democrats campaigned against her. Rice University political scientist Mark Jones said, would have further emphasized that the Texas Democratic Party — which, in an unusual move, has been going to bat for Alameel through emails and social media posts — is a “fragile shell” of an institution.

“Given the considerable amount of negative coverage of Rogers by the Texas media, the near-universal rejection of her by Texas Democratic elites, Alameel’s vast financial advantage, and a minuscule primary electorate of less than 300 thousand voters restricted mostly to activists, it will be interesting to see how well Rogers does,” said Jones. “The better she does, the worse it reflects on the Texas Democratic Party and its far from stellar anointed candidate who will be located at the very top of the ticket in November.”

But this last Tuesday Rogers lost the Democratic primary runoff in Texas’ Senate race, according to the Associated Press. Rogers was bested by David Alameel, who was backed by the Texas Democratic Party. Alameel will face Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) in November’s general election. Cornyn is expected to easily win the contest.

Though Kesha Rogers was a very unusual Democratic candidate for holding a platform to impeach Obama, and for also being known for carrying a poster of Obama with a Hitler mustache, she seems to be one of an increasing number of individuals in the US. What do you think?

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