Mom and Dad Are Spying On You, Right In Front Of Your Face [Facebook Study]

A recent study has revealed that parents are taking to Facebook for an all too obvious reason, to spy on the activities of their children. The study found that 55% of parents surveyed said they joined Facebook so they could keep tabs on their children’s activies, while an additional 5% said they would join the network for the same reason, but only if they could figure out how to make Facebook work.

Of those parents surveyed 11% said they joined only for the purpose of spying on their kids’ activities, while 13% spy on their children by checking out the feeds of their friends accounts.

The study, conducted by LaptopMag also found that 36% of parents blame their spying on being “overprotective” while 24% said it was the only way to figure out what their kids were doing in their spare time.

14% of parents on the other hand say they are just “nosey” while 6% of Facebook parents say the site helps them skirt “awkward” conversations.

What do you think about Facebook parent spying?