Justin Bieber Crashes Wedding Because They Played His Song

Does anyone else think these men are far too old to be this impressed by a random Justin Bieber sighting?

The teen sensation, along with girlfriend Selena Gomez, were out strolling when they caught the strains of the singer’s hit “One Less Lonely Girl” playing nearby. Bieber and Gomez discovered the event in question was a wedding, and according to TMZ, crashed it and partied for a bit with guests:

According to our sources at Rob and Jeanine McCool’s wedding … Bieber and Gomez were strolling on the beach when they heard Justin’s hit “One Less Lonely Girl” playing at the reception — inside the historic and shi shi [sic] Adamson House.

We’re told Justin snuck up on some guests — who predictably OMG’d and LOL’d — and then hopped on the mic, saying … “We just crashed it. We heard a party so we decided to just come. So let’s party.”

While Gomez and the Biebs may have been uninvited guests, they didn’t stick around too long and wear out their welcome. Wedding guests say the two gamely posed for pics (and dealt with amateur camera stalkers, as seen in the video below) for about 10 minutes before peacing out, leaving the surprised wedding party in their wake.

If Justin Bieber crashed your wedding, would you kick him out?