Gordon Ramsey Dishes on ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Season 9 Premiere

So, tonight is the 9th season premiere of Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen on Fox.

Another 18 hopefuls will be introduced during the first night of Hell’s Kitchen– and at least one is likely to go home tonight, perhaps more if they draw Ramsey’s ire. As fans will recall, in previous seasons, a lot of the same plots and themes play out among contestants as they’re knocked from the competition one by one.

While the format is getting up there, Ramsay says the progression is still intriguing:

“No-one’s walking on water thinking that they’re untouchable. Yes, of course it’s important for success and we keep it real, I suppose, but no-one gets carried away. The prize this year is phenomenal – a prominent business position of head chef – and the level of creativity is second to none. I strongly believe that you will start to like some of the stuff that we’ve done this year because it makes perfect sense. We brought it closer to the real world…”

But, acknowledges Ramsay, Hell’s Kitchen can’t go forever… even if he isn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet:

“We’re on season nine, and, yes, I’m getting too old for this, to be honest. I feel right now that I am, but I’m not saying it’s my last season. I love it – it’s a passion, it’s heated, it’s frustrating, it’s rewarding, and then it’s gratifying when one of those doors open. When it doesn’t go right I still take the sh*t, when it does go right, I still take the sh*t. I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t. What I do know is that we have an amazing, talented group of chefs. I really focused on this year, more than ever before, and season nine is going to put a stake in the ground in a big way.”

Have you tired of the Hell’s Kitchen formula yet? Will you be watching Gordon Ramsay on the Season 9 premiere?

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