Burn Victim Uses Slurpees To Cool Himself After Neighbors Attack With Hot Oil

A burn victim used Slurpees to cool his skin after being attacked with hot oil in a dispute with neighbors, leaving one 7-Eleven clerk more than a bit perplexed.

The incident happened at a convenience store in Grants Pass, Oregon. Store clerk Charlie Bentley said the tattooed man ran into the store being chased by two other people on Tuesday. The burn victim went straight to the Slurpees, where he proceeded to pour the Hawaiian Punch flavored one on his skin to ease the pain.

Bentley said he was confused by the whole situation, but he and another man kept the attackers at bay while the man filled his shirt with the sugary frozen drink.

Police investigated the incident, finding that the man was involved in an argument with neighbors a few blocks away and was doused with hot oil, the Grants Pass Daily Courier reported.

“The call came in as a disturbance as well, where somebody was inside covering himself with Slurpees,” Grants Pass police Lt. Todd Moran said. “The investigation basically took us back to Southeast J Street, where we determined that there had been a neighbor dispute which culminated in at least two people being burned with hot oil.”

Soon the store’s parking lot was flooded with police, firefighters, and paramedics. The burn victim was seen speaking to police for a few minutes before being taken away in an ambulance.

“I didn’t actually realize he was injured until police sat him down,” Bentley said.

The injured man was later taken to Providence Medford Medical Center where he was treated for minor burns — presumably not with Slurpees. A second victim was treated at the scene, and elected not to go to the hospital

Bentley said he has worked at the 7-Eleven for 10 years now, and while the burn victim using Slurpees to cool his skin was definitely unusual, he said he’s actually seen stranger things.

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