Cute Overload: This Cat Desperately Wants To Be Petted [Video]

Here’s the cutest video you will see all day. Yes, there have been many “Cat wants to be petted” videos on the Internet, but this one may just be the best of the bunch. First featured by Ebaumsworld a few hours ago, it was uploaded only yesterday and has been gathering “Awwws” and “Oooohs” at astronomical rates.

I don’t know what is endearing about the video – the cuteness of the cat or the look on his face when he glances up at his owners face – obviously asking for a petting. Also note how he rubs his head against the owners arms in an attempt to self-pet himself. He is THAT desperate and all the owner can think about is to capture this video?!

Animal cruelty, I say!

On second thought, the guy should have filmed it for a little longer. What say you?

[Image via EbaumsWorld]