There’s Crazy, There’s Really Crazy, There’s Cuckoo-Bird Crazy, Then There’s These Guys

We all like to look back on our younger days and remember all the crazy, or supposedly crazy, things that we did. Maybe some of us are even young enough to be doing those crazy things right now — or maybe we’re just crazy, period, no matter our age.

But chances are, no matter how crazy most of us think we are, we’re not half as crazy as the people in the photos you’re about to see. These shots were collected from various places around the internet. At least one dates back to 1974, which proves that this phenomenon of craziness is not a new one — it only seems that way, thanks to the internet.

Most of these shots have to do with mountain climbing in one form or another, a risky enough avocation. But these crazy people go out of their way to make it as dangerous as possible.

Fasten your seat belts and take your Dramamine. It’s about to get crazy in here.


These crazy kayakers just wanted to get a look over the Victoria Falls in South Africa — the tallest waterfall in the world. Don’t worry, they didn’t try to go over, which would result in certain death. Just getting the view was crazy enough.

Crazy 1


There are plenty of “extreme skiing” pictures on the internet, but this one is so crazy it looks more like “jumping off a cliff” than “skiing.”

Crazy 2


Alex Honnold, 27, is a legend in the world of “free climbing.” Here he is taking a little break from scaling this sheer rock face.

Crazy 3


In mountaineering as in any sport, proper rest is very important. It’s amazing the difference a good mattress makes.

Crazy 4


Trolltunga Rock in Norway is a popular place to sit for a while. Google it and you’ll find dozens of pictures of crazy people like this one.

Crazy 5


Kjeragbolten in Norway, a boulder stuck in a crevice in the 3,500-foot Kjerg peak, makes another popular spot for hikers of the crazy variety.

Crazy 6


You’ve heard of extreme sports? Well, this is extreme camping.

Crazy 7


A nice little leap at about 4,100 feet in the aptly named Albert’s Tomb on Mount Wellington in New Zealand — circa 1974.

Crazy 8

So be honest, did you ever do anything this crazy? We didn’t think so.