This Guy Picked The Wrong Place To Get Drunk And Start Shooting At People

A guy who got drunk, pulled out his gun, and started shooting into a crowd picked exactly the wrong place to do it. Now Celestino Moras is in jail, charged with aggravated assault — and nursing a black eye and some other injuries from what happened to him as soon as he ran out of bullets.

The situation, which could have easily resulted in a mass tragedy but luckily ended up with only minor injuries to four people, took place on Sunday over Memorial Day weekend in Cassville, Georgia. That’s where an annual holiday church picnic and rodeo was taking place for about 300 invited guests.

The key word there is “rodeo.” Where there’s a rodeo, there are cowboys. And cowboys don’t like getting shot at.

Celestino Moras was not among the invited rodeo attendees. Not only that, he showed up drunk. So naturally enough, some of the other guests asked him to please leave the premises.

Moras didn’t take kindly to that. He pulled out a handgun and began firing wildly into the crowd. He could have caused a major tragedy — what would have been the second mass killing in three days in the United States. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. Three people were shot, but their wounds were minor and they were treated and released at a hospital the same day.

Another individual also suffered cuts in the melee, which saw all 300 guests flee for cover. Even a family in a house next door had to run inside.

But as soon as Moras ran out of bullets, one of the rodeo cowboys twirled his lasso and wrangled the gunman, bringing Moras to the ground. At that point, a group of guests descended on the inebriated shooter and dealt him a severe beating.

Once deputies showed up, they took Moras to a hospital for treatment to his battered face — and then to jail.

In addition to the aggravated assault charge, Moras may also be facing an immigration violation. Police are searching for a second, unidentified suspect who they believe may also have been involved in the rodeo attack.

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