WWE News: Bill Goldberg Says He’s Thinking About WWE Comeback

Bill Goldberg was once the biggest WWE star, the first undefeated world heavyweight champion who ran up his record to 173-0 before suffering his first loss.

Now, after being away from the WWE for several years, Goldberg admits that he’s thought about a comeback.

Goldberg discussed the WWE news during his new show Who’s Next? with Goldberg on PodcastOne.com. In the interview, Goldberg said stories about his alleged obsession with coming back to the ring are overblown, but admitted he still does entertain thoughts of a comeback.

On the show, Goldberg told columnist Mike Chiari:

There have been a number of different publications that have run the story that “Goldberg’s back and begging to have a match again” and he wants to get back in the ring. At the end of the day, I would definitely listen to that type of conversation, but it’s not something I wake up every morning and I pray to God to and hope that I can lace up my boots one more time because I have to end on a nostalgic note. If the opportunity arose and it was a favorable condition for everybody involved, and I mean working condition, not necessarily the money, and opponent, I would definitely cater the thought.

Goldberg admitted that if he did make a WWE comeback, he would need a bit of a refresher. He said he’s “not on top of the wrestling business like the normal fan” and wouldn’t be able to throw out names of who he would face if he did come back to the ring.

“I couldn’t give an educated guess as to what the good storyline would be in this day and age as far as television storylines are concerned,” he said. “Like I said, I’d consider it, for sure, but it’s not something I’m longing for.”

Goldberg said he’s kept his body in shape for a potential WWE comeback. Though he is now 47, Goldberg said he has been going to a Muay-Thai gym a few days a week and feels he is ready to step into the ring if he needed to.

There have been ongoing rumors of a Goldberg return to the ring, including reports that he was planning a surprise appearance at next year’s Wrestlemania 31.

There are a lot of factors involved if the former champion were to step back into the ring. Not only would the league’s management have to sign off, but Goldberg said his WWE comeback would also depend on a good reaction from his wife and son to the idea.