Corpse In Doll Box Found In Storage Facility Stabbed A Dozen Times

In a bizarre story out of Japan, a woman has been arrested by police after using the passport of a dead woman to leave the country. The bizarre element is that the dead woman was found in a storage facility in the city of Hachioji in a box labelled “doll,” having been stabbed a dozen times.

The suspect, a Japanese-Brazilian woman, was arrested in Shanghai, China, after she went to the Japanese consulate for an immigration related incident.

The corpse in the two meter doll box was that of 29-year-old Rika Okada. The doll box had been paid for with Okada’s credit card, as was the bill for the storage space where the box was kept. Hachioji is situated around 400 kilometers from Tokyo, the capital city of Japan.

The deceased was last seen on 21 March; just before she was reported missing she posted a message on her Facebook page that she was meeting a friend who she hadn’t seen for years.

Media sources in Japan have revealed the fact that the deceased woman was a schoolfriend of the suspect, who left Tokyo for Shanghai with another woman. But it is not clear why Okada met her, or where that meeting took place.

No one is sure what was the motive for the murder. Some questions have been raised suggesting it might have been some kind of sex game that went wrong. The police have reportedly been intensively questioning the suspect, although she has not yet confessed to the murder of Okada.

Due to the sick nature of the crime, and the fact that a young woman is dead, many people are asking why someone would send a dead body in a box labelled “doll” as, if they wanted to cover their crime; surely they would have opted to dispose of the body in a more discreet way.

The investigation into the corpse in a doll box found in Japan is ongoing, and authorities are still trying to ascertain the motive.

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