After Beating Up His Son Over A Pregnancy Scare Prank, Indian Dad Fields Questions [Video]

Last week, an Indian youth named Prateek Verma attempted to pull a prank on his father, Sunder Verma, that didn’t end so well for him. Having managed to calm his father, Prateek got him to answer some questions that the social media threw at him.

A student residing in Delhi, Prateek wanted to scare his father and record his reaction. His choice of subject was confessing that he had accidentally made his girlfriend pregnant. Setting-up a neatly hidden camera, Prateek even set a somber mood by asking his father to shut the door to ensure his mother didn’t hear what he had to say.

Once his father sat down, Prateek “confessed” and, as soon as the words stopped, the beating began. The entire episode was successfully recorded and put up on YouTube. The video has since gone viral, and the reactions have been flying in thick and fast. Since such a brutal thrashing is quite uncommon, social media users were quite interested in knowing exactly what had transpired in a typical Indian father’s mind.

Prateek has been kind enough to get his father to have a chat and answer the questions and doubts that viewers of the video had. So here’s episode two, in which Prateek’s father, now much calmer, answers questions tweeted to SocioCatastrophe TV, the Youtube channel which helped to get the video up.

The video starts with Prateek and his father, now in a jovial mood, taking the customary selfie. The first question that his father answered was: “Did he overreact?” The Senior Verma replies that he, in fact, did not overreact. “It was normal,” he said.

The second one was quite a burning issue that had the social media in a tizzy. People wanted to know why the father chose to demean the girl and refer to her as a “bitch.” Mr. Verma appears apologetic about the usage of the word and says, “It came out as default.” In other words, he didn’t have any intention of disrespecting her.

The third question gets quite interesting when he is asked what his reaction would be if this wasn’t a prank and the girl was indeed pregnant this time. But Mr. Verma skillfully dodges the question, as he appears sure that his reaction was quite valid and justified. Moreover, such a supposed “abomination” in the Indian culture isn’t treated kindly. Later on in the video, he does share that the only logical solution to such a quandary was to get the culprits married to each other.

There are some light moments, too, when Mr. Verma is asked if he would join any of the wrestling organizations like WWE and ECW. To this, Mr. Verma replies cockily, “If I join, then the regular wrestlers will have to resign”

Mr. Verma surely displays all the typical traits that Indian fathers possess. But, perhaps his solutions to the predicament may appear unorthodox to the Western civilization.

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