Charlie Cox Has Been Selected To Play Daredevil

The upcoming Daredevil series on Netflix made headlines again today as Charlie Cox was cast to play the “Man Without Fear,” Daredevil. The news of Charlie Cox’s selection to play Daredevil was confirmed by Variety. However, Marvel and Netflix have yet to make the announcement themselves.

Charlie Cox, a British actor, was attached to CBS untitled Wall Street drama from executive producer John Cusak. Unfortunately, the pilot did not move past the planning stages. Last year, he starred in the CBS drama pilot titled The Ordained, which also didn’t get past the network.

However, he did find a home on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, where he played the character Owen for two years. Cox is the first person that we know of to be cast in any of the upcoming Marvel Netflix series. Cox previously played roles in Moby Dick, Hello Carter, and a starring role in another comic book adaption; Neil Gaiman’s Stardust.

This report comes right after the news that the original show runner, Drew Goddard, was replaced by Steven S. DeKnight, who will now become the new show runner for the Daredevil series. However, Goddard is still writing the first two episodes of Daredevil and will remain as an executive producer and consultant for the show. It’s unclear why Goddard was replaced, but it could be because he signed to work on Sony’s Spider-Man spin-off, Sinister Six.

Marvel may have been worried about a conflict of interest, but right now, they are still the reigning champs of comic book film adaptations. Marvel has released nine movies for their cinematic universe, and those films have made Marvel the top movie franchise to date. Even with that fact, Marvel doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon, and Kevin Feige has movies planned all the way through 2028.

However, that’s not the only place Marvel is making its mark.

Marvel made its debut on live action television this past year with Agents of Shield starring Clark Gregg. Agents of Shield has been renewed for season two, and ABC also ordered Marvel’s newest show, Agent Carter, based on Peggy Carter from Captain America: The First Avenger.

In addition to Netflix picking up Daredevil, they have also picked up Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and the miniseries The Defenders. For now, Daredevil will be the first series from Marvel to air on Netflix, starring Charlie Cox.

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