This Video Of A Chubby Dancing Toddler From Korea Will Make You Go Awwww!

Move over Psy of Gangnam Style, move over every other wannabe dancer on the planet! Make way for the chubby little dancing toddler from South Korea.

This yet to be identified toddler was spotted dancing to the catchy track, “I Got My Eye On You” by Nari & Milani, in a video that has all likelihood of going viral in the days to come. It currently has 13,286 views, gaining 12,500 views in the last two hours.

First reported by The Elite Daily, the video shows the chubby toddler making some great dance moves that would put many decent dancers to shame. By all appearances, she doesn’t look to be even two years old. It is also very cute to see the dancing toddler prod her oblivious partner, another toddler, to dance along with her. Too bad he doesn’t seem to care.

In all probability, the dancing toddler might have begun to dance before she learned to walk. Like I said, apart from this video, there is no information regarding the identity of the toddler or the country of origin of the video, other than the title.

With the dancing toddler already having some great dance moves in her arsenal this early in life, I wonder what we could expect from her once she is a little older!

Do you think the dance moves by the dancing toddler were great for her age?

[Image via YouTube]