Cheryl Burke Loses 15 Pounds: ‘DWTS’ Pro Works Out With Actress Leah Remini

Cheryl Burke lost 15 pounds recently, and while you might think it’s easy for her because she is dancing all the time, that’s not the case at all. The Dancing with the Stars pro only dances for so many weeks out of the year and then her life drastically changes. Without long hours of rehearsals, Burke has found it tricky to keep the weight off — but she recently found a groove and revealed her weight loss secrets.

According to Us Weekly, Burke eats three healthy meals a day and works out with her friend, actress Leah Remini. The two met on a recent season of DWTS and became fast friends. The ladies do 90-minute circuit-training sessions with a personal trainer.

“We push each other!” Burke says.

Cheryl Burke loses five to seven pounds each season of Dancing with the Stars, but she has a hard time maintaining a weight with which she is happy. She says that she made some lifestyle adjustments that help keep her body in shape year-round, and that has really helped. Burke has struggled with her weight for some time, and while you may not think that she has body issues, she has been criticized in the media in recent years. Burke isn’t as “small” as the other female dancers on the show, and that could be the reason for the media being so hard on her.

As Christian Post points out:

“The key to weight loss is combining diet with exercise. However, many people trying to lose weight by changing their diet and exercising find that their busy schedules do not permit time for the gym.”

Cheryl Burke’s 15-pound weight loss is something that she wanted to do for herself. She now looks great and feels even better, which is what matters the most. She has made time for herself and it has really paid off.

In other Cheryl Burke news, rumors that she was going to do The Bachelorette have died down considerably. Back in 2012, the ballroom dancer was reportedly “in talks” with producers to take the helm on an upcoming season. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there was nothing ever in writing, and Burke actually wasn’t interested in appearing on the show.

Burke is currently rumored to be dating Cougar Town actor, Josh Hopkins.

One reality show seems to be enough for Cheryl Burke, and she is at a good place in her life right now. Are you a Cheryl fan? Do you think Cheryl looks good at her current weight?

[Photo courtesy of ABC/Adam Taylor]