Graphic Video Showing The Effects Of Distracted And Agressive Driving Will Bring You To Tears

There are no words to describe this video showing the effects of distracted and aggressive driving, other than heartbreaking.

According to the CDC, more than 9 people are killed and more than 1,060 people are injured everyday in crashes that are reported to involve a distracted driver.

As the government seeks to educate drivers on the dangers of distracted driving through Web sites like, the fact remains that approximately 660,000 drivers are operating electronic devices at any given daylight moment across the United States.

Below is the official policy statement from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regarding distracted driving within the United States:

“The primary responsibility of the driver is to operate a motor vehicle safely. The task of driving requires full attention and focus. Drivers should resist engaging in any activity that takes their eyes and attention off the road for more than a couple of seconds. In some circumstances even a second or two can make all the difference in a driver being able to avoid a crash.

Of special concern is the use of electronic entertainment and communication devices, especially cell phones. The relative risks of the various tasks drivers engage in are still being assessed, but in general the safest course of action is to refrain from using a cell phone while driving, which includes talking, dialing, and texting. NHTSA recommends that States prohibit novice drivers from using electronic communication devices (including cell phones) during the learners and intermediate stages of a three-stage graduated driver license (GDL) program.”

Remember to be a responsible driver, pay attention to the road and remember that it’s not just your life that you’re putting in danger.

Please drive safely.