Chinese Bo Peep: Keepin’ the flock in line

A Chinese man, too cheap to buy a sheep dog has come up with a novel of way of getting his flock of sheep to do what he wants. By showing them a poster of a wolf.

Du Hebing told a Chinese newspaper that he took the picture by chance.

“After visiting Qinling Wild Animal Park, on the way home I saw a group of sheep walking along the road with a man holding a picture following behind them,” he said.

Du said he burst out laughing when he realised it was a picture of a wolf.

“The man was using the wolf picture to scare the sheep and drive them ahead – it was a really funny scene,” he said.

This modern day Bo Peep, might be onto something. We could put cardboard cutouts of Amy WInehouse in crack dens that will scare them off drugs for life.

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