James Hardegree: Hero Father Saves Two-Year-Old Son From Dog Attack

James Hardegree, a father from Covington, Georgia, is garnering praises from the community after heroically rescuing his 2-year-old son from two dogs who were in the middle of mauling the young child.

In an interview with Channel 2 Action News, Hardegree described the events that led to the brutal attack and the heroic rescue. The dogs reportedly came from the side of the family’s yard where the young child was playing. One of the dogs had a chain on his neck. When the 2-year-old son’s waist got tangled in the chain, the dogs began attacking the child, severely injuring his face.

Hardegree, who saw the savage attack, initially felt fear, but did not waste time rescuing his son from the dogs. He said:

“To see your son up under two dogs, it’s scary,”

Earlier that day, Hardegree saw the dogs playing with a dead animal nearby. Fearing that they’d soon become violent, he took his son from the yard and locked him inside the house. However, the son was able to unlock the door and go back to the yard, where he was attacked by the violent dogs.

The child was brought to the hospital, where the severity of his wounds was discovered. Here was the mother’s description of his son’s injuries:

“He had 4 1/2 inch gash in his face all the way to the bone. On this side, his ear, two deep puncture wounds,”

In a two-hour surgery, the toddler’s plastic surgeon was able to stitch his ear and part of his cheek back together. He is currently recovering from his operation.

According to Hardegree, one dog could be described as resembling a Labrador while the other looked like a Labrador and Rottweiler mix. The whereabouts of the dogs are currently unknown, although the family believes they belong to a nearby neighbor.

In an unrelated yet similar report last month by The Inquisitr, a heroic mom from Texas bit off a pit bull’s ear that was violently attacking her daughter. Chelsi Camp, who was dog sitting for a couple of friends at her apartment, witnessed how one of the dogs under her care viciously attacked her child. Police authorities later rescued the two, and the child was able to receive hospital care immediately.

James Hardergree, who chased the dogs away from his yard, is currently warning neighbors about the runaway canines. Anyone who has information regarding the two stray dogs in Covington, Georgia are advised to call Animal Control.

[Images from Facebook via Daily Mail]

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