Bruce Jenner And Cher Reportedly Hook Up, She Urges Him To Ditch Sex-Change Plans

Bruce Jenner and Cher are reportedly reliving history and rekindling a flame that burned out in the 1980s.

The former Olympian reported hooked up with the singer close to 30 years ago, but sources say they are now talking and texting each other constantly and have started their relationship anew.

The sources tell the National Enquirer that Cher is even trying to get Bruce Jenner to change his mind about plans to undergo a sex-change operation.

The report notes that Cher is familiar with gender issues, after watching her daughter Chastity become a man named Chaz. Cher has also admitted to several affairs with women.

Bruce Jenner and longtime wife Kris Jenner announced last year their plans to separate. The two remain on good terms — Bruce reportedly bought her flowers for Mother’s Day — but sources say the relationship with Cher is now moving forward quickly.

The first time that Bruce and Cher hooked up was under similar circumstances. Bruce was in the midst of a divorce from wife Linda Thompson when he and Cher started their torrid affair in the mid 1980s.

“Back then, Bruce was still a handsome young buck — he was the greatest athlete in the world and still basking in his Olympic glory,” a source told The Enquirer. “There was a strong magnetism between Bruce and Cher. She had a crush on him, but he was married.”

The source went on to say Bruce may have more motivation for the relationship with Cher this time around. Doing so would likely sink Kris Jenner’s career, which Bruce would reportedly relish.

“Cher always regretted the end of their romance,” continued the source. “Now that Bruce’s marriage to Kris Jenner has hit the skids, and Cher is single once more, she has Bruce firmly in her sights again.

“If they got married once his divorce goes through, Bruce and Cher would steal all the thunder from the Kardashians. Money- grubbing Kris would be banished to the Tinsel-town B list. It would be perfect revenge for Bruce.”

There is word that Kris Jenner is already angry about the budding relationship between Bruce Jenner and Cher, though the family put up a unified front this week as the jetted to Europe for Kim and Kanye’s wedding.