Larry Flynt Attacks Rupert Murdoch, News of the World

Hustler founder Larry Flynt isn’t happy with the way Rupert Murdoch is running News Corp following the recent News of the World scandal and U.S. investigations into the company’s reporting practices regarding the attempting hacking of 9/11 victims phones along with the phone records of the victims family and friends.

In an op-ed piece for the Washington Post Flynt writes:

“Simply put, he publishes what he wants,” while going on to add, “apparently regardless of how he gets information and heedless of the responsibility associated with the power he wields.”

Flynt then compares News Corp. publications to his own Hustler adult magazine, giving himself the win by noting:

“No matter how offensive or distasteful some people may find Hustler magazine and my other publications, no one has appeared unwillingly in their pages. I do not create sensationalism at the expense of people living private lives.”

Love or hate Larry Flynt, he makes a great point, when your publications are full of more lies than an adult magazine you have big issues to deal with at the top levels of your organization. It was one thing when Fox News was simply making up the news, it’s something altogether more pitiful when they attempt to steal that news from victims of tragedies.

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