Teacher Claims God Told Him To Attack A Skateboarding Kid, Now Thomas Hammer Is Back In The School [Video]

A teacher named Thomas Hammer is claiming that God told him to attack a random kid on a skateboard and now that he is back in the classroom parents are upset that he is even being allowed back in a school in any capacity.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, teachers were upset when a graduating high school student put a secret message into the yearbook and officials did not figure it out until it was already being printed. But another yearbook photo sparked another type of outrage when a teacher dressed up like Trayvon Martin by wearing a hoodie and holding a bag of skittles.

The attack on the skateboarding kids was caught on video and shows Hammer approaching a boy outside a San Clemente skate shop only to shove him off his board and then run away with it. At one point Hammer seems like he is about to bash a kid over the head with the skateboard but instead changes his mind and attempts to throw the board onto a balcony. Hammer was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and taking property, although the second felony charge was dismissed.

The school system responded by putting the teacher on a two month suspension. But Hammer was recently brought back to the school in a non-classroom “support role.”

Hammer claims the skateboarders were causing “absolute chaos and mayhem” a the storefront and that the video does not show the whole picture. But the story gets weirder because the 58-year-old Hammer claim God told him to attack the skateboarders:

“When I stepped in, I felt compelled by a higher power. Honestly, have you ever been grabbed by the Lord in a way you never thought you would or you could? That’s exactly what I’m testifying to, and I’m not speaking in hyperbole. I’m speaking right from the heart.”

Needless to say, parents are feeling compelled to take actions of their own and between 20 and 25 students were kept home by their parents in response to Hammer’s return.

PTA vice president Karly Foster told KABC-TV that it was unacceptable that Hammer was allowed to return at all:

“It’s shameful and unacceptable that the district has even gotten to this point, and that he’s on our campus in the first place. As parents, we should feel comfortable to send our students to a safe environment.”

Do you think Thomas Hammer should be given a second chance after being caught on video attacking kids on skateboards that he felt were causing “chaos and mayhem“?

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