Princess Diana Death: Official Report Released 17 Years Later, Fueling Conspiracy Theories

Princess Diana died nearly 17 years ago, but the British government has just released the official log of events that led to her deadly car crash in 1997.

The British embassy released the heavily redacted report this week after five months of Freedom of Information requests. The report was given to the Sunday People after Home Secretary Theresa May signed off on its release.

The Princess Diana death log was typewritten on three pages of paper and contained 65 deletions, the IB Times reported. Officials said the redactions were made to ensure privacy of those mentioned in the logs, but they have led to speculation that the government is still trying to hide details of Diana’s death.

The theories also echo reports from Al Fayed, the Egyptian billionaire whose son Dodi was also killed in the crash. He has maintained that members of the royal family caused the crash to prevent Princess Diana from marrying a Muslim man.

“This is not an accident,” he said shortly after learning of the crash. “It is a plot, an assassination.”

The Princess Diana death report gives details of the chaos that surrounded the crash, as Diana was rushed to a hospital. The entry for 2:30 am reads:

Sir Michael gets to the hospital and find “a large police presence…

“Much of the emergency block had been emptied of other patients in order to maintain a high level of surveillance.”

In intensive care, doctors are still frantically trying to save Diana’s life.

A little more than an hour later, doctors shut off life support machines. The entry for 4 am reads:

An unnamed doctor “took the Ambassador to one side to break the news that the princess had passed away. The doctors had tried everything to save her life. Her injuries were, however, so severe there was nothing more that could be done.”

The Princess Diana death log was released just one week after a revelation that official plans for protecting Diana’s life were found “mothballed” in her apartment two years after her death. A report from the UK’s Express noted that the confidential security plans were “thrown out with the furniture” in her Kensington Palace apartment.

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