‘Hyrule Warriors’ First Screenshots, Game Details Hit Web

Hyrule Warriors, the Dynasty Warriors spinoff with the Legend of Zelda theme is due to hit stores in Japan in the next few months. While release dates for Hyrule Warriors in the United States and North America aren’t known yet, it stands to reason the Wii U exclusive will be coming to the US sometime in the fall.

Hyrule Warriors

Until we know when Hyrule Warriors is coming here, we’ll have to make do with new screenshots and details that have emerged this weekend. The latest screenshots show our usual hero in Link, but they also show a number of other playable characters who will make an appearance in Hyrule Warriors.

Hyrule Warriors 3

Gamerant reports this new and updated version of Legend of Zelda will sport a number of different people, places and things Zelda fans have encountered throughout the series, but the game will have a decidedly more action packed theme this time around.

Hyrule Warriors Link

Despite the inclusion of more action in Hyrule Warriors, the game’s developers have promised it will still draw heavily from Zelda’s history. The balance of the Triforce is, yet again, in jeopardy in Hyrule Warriors; this time by a new villain known as Sorceress Cia.

Link needs to journey through the lands depicted to once again find Princess Zelda as well. The difference in this game and the other Legend of Zelda quests is Link won’t have to go it alone this time. As players progress in Hyrule Warriors, they will be able to unlock a number of other characters.

Hyrule Warriors

Nintendo hasn’t released a ton of information about the new characters or who will be playable beyond one named Impa. It stands to reason that if this game really is a sort of spinoff from Dynasty Warriors that there will be plenty of different characters to choose from.

Hyrule Warriors is said to also offer up a way to upgrade weapons, as well as a crafting system. Crafting systems in particular have become all the rage over the last few years. It isn’t particularly surprising this new Legend of Zelda tale would include the feature.

Hyrule Warriors

Link will still have his go-to weapon in some variation of the Master Sword, but he will also apparently be able to employ a number of other weapons as the story progresses. Nintendo is set to let more information slip about the game next month at E3.

Hyrule Warriors is due out exclusively on the Wii U later this year.