20-Year-Old Moises Arias Could Be Questioned By CPS In Willow Smith Photo Case

An insider at Child Protective Services has reportedly stated that the organization would like to interview Moises Arias, the 20-year-old man perhaps best known for his role as ‘Rico’ on Disney‘s Hannah Montana, about the circumstances surrounding a recent photo of Arias, shirtless, in a bed with 13-year-old Willow Smith, daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

While the photo depicts no inappropriate interaction, CPS has conducted an investigation into the teenager’s safety and well-being. Reports don’t indicate that they found anything to be concerned with, but CPS investigations are rarely closed quickly. Even when nothing is found, protocol calls for follow-up to ensure nothing is missed. In this case, that follow-up may include interviewing Moises Arias about his role in the matter.

Jada, who told TMZ earlier this month that the photo was not sexual and that those making it so were “projecting [their] trash” and being “covert pedophiles,” doesn’t seem concerned. She and Will maintain that Moises is like a member of their family, more like another brother to Willow than a potential suitor or lover.

Arias is clearly a man who enjoys taking pictures of himself and being photographed, as his Instagram account shows. Moises is shown there in selfie after selfie, many with friends.

In the newest released information, a CPS worker has reportedly spoken to RadarOnline, confirming that the investigation turned up nothing of concern. However, the report says that the worker also explained that the case won’t be closed for several weeks, and that questioning Moises Arias is a part of the plan. Moises is under no legal obligation to consent to an interview, though, the worker admitted.

Moises Arias has made no public comment on the matter, though US Weekly has reported that the incident doesn’t seem to have damaged the friendship between Moises and Jaden, sharing photos of the two hanging out together after the allegations surfaced.

In fact, Arias’ only public acknowledgement of the issue may be the fact that the photo is no longer available on his Instagram account.

While it remains to be seen whether this interview with Moises Arias will ever occur, or whether any of the information disclosed therein will be released if it does, it’s clear that a photo in which both parties were clothed and not even touching has sparked a great deal of controversy and concern, as well as some seemingly unnecessary hassle for all involved.