Arrested Nightclub Dancer Allegedly Gave X-Rated Show In Jail Cell

A woman who worked as a dancer at a Florida strip club taken into custody by police allegedly stripped and masturbated in a jail cell and offered to perform a sex act on an officer if he would let her go.

Sheriff’s deputies in Pembroke Park, Fla., in the Miami area were investigating an iPad theft when they reportedly encountered a woman at about 1 am on Monday who was jumping fences and running through backyards.

When the cops approached to question her, she started swearing and taking off her clothes according to the police report. “I advised the female numerous times to keep her clothes on and to calm down,” the arresting officer explained in his report.

Shortly thereafter, while the officer was sitting in his cruiser writing up the incident, the woman allegedly leaned in the window, slapped his arm which he had extended to create a distance between them, and yelled “don’t touch me, bitch.”

She was then taken into custody for resisting arrest. The iPad was not recovered.

While she was in the holding cell in the jail, the woman allegedly got naked and started masturbating. She also masturbated when a female officer showed up to search her. The police report notes that “throughout her time in the holding cell, the female had to be ordered repeatedly to keep her clothes on and stopped masturbating. ” She also allegedly offered the arresting officer oral sex in exchange for being let go.

When she appeared before Judge John Hurley for a bond hearing on the charge of resisting arrest without violence, the judge declined to read all of the allegations on the record. “I’m definitely not going to say what’s on page three… that’s a doozy,” he said.

The judge set the bond for the suspect, who was identified in multiple media accounts as Lakeisha Johnson, 29, at $100.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Judge Hurley is the same official who seemed stunned last month when a defendant named Edward Cocaine appeared in front of him on a drug charge.

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