Jessica Alba: ‘I Lied About My Sexuality’

Back in the early millennium, actress Jessica Alba broke out onto the scene in the television series Dark Angel. Although the FOX series didn’t continue past the second season, Alba’s people still wanted to ensure that the actress was a breakout star so she could move on to bigger things and capitalize herself as a bonafide movie star.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Alba opens up about how awkward that time was, and how it resulted in the actress lying to play up her image. Right now Alba is promoting her new film Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Now at the age of 33, she’s not afraid to admit that as a “prude” mother of two, she doesn’t exactly have a lot in common with the sexy character in Frank Miller’s epic tale.

Although she can’t relate to the character, Alba did want to make sure the character’s transformation was a positive experience within the story for next Sin City chapter.

“I wanted her to transition from being a victim to being someone who’s in control of her own story.”

Alba herself didn’t always have control of her own story in Hollywood. In the interview she opened up about her sex symbol status and how many lies she had to tell when she was just getting started in the industry.

“I didn’t have a lot of experience, so at first it was all kinds of weird. I’m kind of a prude, and I didn’t really understand. They would always ask me provocative questions about my sexuality, my this or that. Sometimes I would lie and say something that wasn’t true to make myself seem more interesting than I was.”

This included fashion choices as well. Jessica admits she had to learn how to walk in heels after she was thrown into a situation that most stars know how to do in their sleep. “I didn’t even know how to walk in heels until I went to the Golden Globes for the first time.”

As far as selling her image, Alba seems to be more comfortable with it as long as there’s a clear distinction between her work and personal life. In the interview she stated:

“Sex is absolutely what helps sell this movie, which is fine with me. I’m also playing a character when people are taking pictures of me. That’s what I do, but it is not who I am.”

Jessica Alba sure has come a long way from Dark Angel.

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