WWE News: Latest Update On Kurt Angle Returning To WWE

Current TNA talent Kurt Angle is out with an ACL injury at the present moment, and despite his age, he is getting ready for a comeback to wrestling. The question is, when he comes back, where will he end up? Angle has expressed interest in going back to WWE to end his career, though he has loved working with TNA for nearly a decade now. He has been TNA’s major name since he signed all those years ago, but in WWE he was by no means a scrub.

Kurt Angle is a real life Olympic Gold Medalist who won his Gold at the 1996 Summer Games in Wrestling. So keep in mind that Angle is potentially one of the best pure wrestlers ever to hit pro-wrestling. It used to be that anyone who went into wrestling had amateur wrestling in their background. However, times changed and thus we saw many athletes but rarely did we see the people with a major background in wrestling. Those who did were top names for WWE and other companies, but none more than Angle.

Angle came in with the perfect everything for the WWE. He had a proper size, proper pedigree, proper wrestling skills, and proper mic work. He only improved over the years, so it was not a surprise that he was so successful in WWE. However, he felt that the schedule was too difficult on him, and he left the WWE around 2006 and never bothered to return.

The one thing Angle didn’t do was majorly pan the WWE. He has always been very kind when talking about Vince McMahon, who he stated was a genius more times than not. Angle simply saw that he could have more fun with TNA and he could get the schedule that worked best for him. So the idea to jump to TNA was better than staying with the WWE at the time.

Now Kurt Angle feels that he could have some success with the WWE again. On top of that, he would be able to work a sparing amount which won’t kill his body. So he can be around a bit longer, along with spending time with his family like he wants to do more of.

His ACL injury is not an easy one to come back from. However, Angle is rushing to get better and come back. His TNA contract is up in September, and Angle looks to be eyeing a return to wrestling by October. This happens to be TNA’s Bound for Glory month, so to some it might appear that Angle was coming back to TNA and not heading to WWE.

Liam Payne Kurt Angle

The last time Angle’s TNA contract was nearing expiration, WWE didn’t even bother to contact him. Vince McMahon felt that Angle was in a bad way and didn’t want him to die under the WWE banner according to sources. WWE has had a lot of issues with this in their time, so you cannot blame them for being weary of hiring him again. However, Angle has gotten a lot better over the last few years. He even seemed to get his alcoholism and body in order.

The ACL injury may be his worst injury however. While Angle has broken his neck — dating back to problems he had at the Olympic Games — the ACL will stop his type of wrestling style a bit. So Angle can stay off the top rope or take bumps that will hurt his neck, but he has no choice but to use his ACL. So if it heals correctly, he could have no issues. We have seen how football running backs like Adrian Peterson came back from ACL injuries. It is no longer a death sentence for athletes. Yet for someone Angle’s age, it might hurt him a bit.

Few people in any sport have come back from an ACL injury after the age of 40, if any. So that alone is something Angle has to look out for.

While Vince may have considered Angle a risk to bring in years ago, today it is doubtful he has the same outlook. Angle has repeatedly been kind when talking about the company and everyone knows Angle wants to return and would only be used a fraction of the time he was in the past.

Can we really hate the idea of a Brock Lesnar-Kurt Angle rematch? Maybe an Angle-Daniel Bryan match? There are many possibilities that weren’t present when Angle was last in the company. That being said, WWE signing Angle back on would be a good idea.

At the end of the day, the WWE is about making money. We saw them dip in a major way recently, so anything that will bring up their bottom line will be of use to them. Angle could certainly do that. As of late however, it seems like Angle may be setting his eye on staying with TNA instead of jumping. We will have to wait and see.