Snowden Selfie! Ed, Gleen Greenwald Pose In Moscow

NSA leaker Edward Snowden‘s selfie with Glenn Greenwald, taken in Moscow, has been shared on social media as the pair apparently have connected following the former security contractor’s flight abroad.

The Snowden selfie seems to indicate that the NSA’s least favorite former security contractor and The Guardian‘s most embattled investigative journalist are chilling, quite happily — though the circumstances under which they met are not clear from the image or corresponding comments.

But first, let Snowden take a selfie:

Pictured above are Snowden, Greenwald, the journalist’s partner David Miranda, and Laura Poitras.

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As Snowden sought asylum following the massive NSA leak and ensuing government spying controversy, Greenwald was fighting retaliatory measures of his own.

Miranda, who is involved with him, was detained and held at length in England in an act Greenwald said at the time was punitive in nature. He later wrote about his anger over the detention of Miranda for The Guardian.

Not long after, Greenwald left his post with the British paper to start up The Intercept, a more activism motivated outlet with the following Twitter tagline: “Fearless, adversarial journalism.”

Sounds about right.

The Snowden selfie was not all Greenwald has been up to over the past few days, and the media establishment’s largest irritant soon took to drawing attention to a New York Times piece that argued against press freedom (and heavily against Greenwald) in an age of rampant government privacy breaches.

Over on Twitter, Greenwald both tweeted and re-tweeted about the article following the Snowden selfie. The point made by the other writer — which directly contradict’s Greenwald’s stance that news media should keep the government in check and not the other way around — was a target of his ire:

Greenwald added this morning:

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Along with the Snowden selfie, Greenwald also tweeted a link to the above image, posted to David Miranda’s Facebook page.

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