Mariah Carey’s New Album ‘Me. I Am Mariah’ Receives Strong Early Reviews

Mariah Carey is finally ready to give the world her new studio album. Judging from the early reviews, the new songs are worth the wait.

If you can get past the awkward title —Me. I am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse is highly pretentious and admittedly self-absorbed– then you might find yourself swimming blissfully in a world of musical wonder. Early reviews for Carey’s new album are fairly strong, especially on social media.

Before we get to what the people think of the endeavor — at the end of the day, it’s their opinion that matters most — let’s take a look at what critics think of the record. Entertainment Weekly writer Melissa Maerz doesn’t think Mariah Carey’s music is as strong as it was during the early days of her career, but the album is certainly better than the majority of her recent efforts.

Maerz explained in her write-up:

“That Voice has been through a lot, and you can hear it. There are times on The Elusive Chanteuse when she’s trying to power through a note where it sounds like digital technology might be holding her up by the straps of that crocheted swimsuit. But who else has survived EDM and Auto-Tune and still climbs her way up the octaves like this? Ariana Grande may have been christened the ”new Mariah,” but we still need the old one. And she is telling you that she’s not going.”

Even New York Daily News critic Jim Farber was thoroughly impressed with Me. I Am Mariah. Although the album’s title won’t win her any awards, Farber seems to think Carey’s talent is running at top speed on the record. In other words, the music isn’t nearly as “elusive” as the subtitle would suggest.

“Whether in more elegant ballads, or most assertive R&B songs, the new tunes give Carey more to play with than usual. It’s as if she’d been listening to Beyoncé’s albums, gaining tips for how to bridge trendy music with the classic type. Even a hip-hop influenced ditty like ‘Thirsty’ has a broad tune,” Farber said.

While some critics seem smitten with Mariah Carey’s new album, what do her fans think of the new batch of songs? Check out some Twitter reactions below. In short; the singer is possibly on the cusp of releasing her most successful record in a very long time.

Mariah Carey’s new album is available to stream now on iTunes. Fans can purchase a copy of Me. I Am Mariah on May 27. What do you think about the singer’s latest record?

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