Michelle Duggar Wants Baby No. 20. Really!?

Michelle Duggar and hubby Jim Bob are looking forward to baby number 20 if it happens. The couple, famous for having a lot of kids and not much else, have seen their TV stardom dwindle and need to come up with a way to bring viewers back to their reality show. So they need to do what they know how to do best: pop out babies! Michelle Duggar is 47 years old, and it’s obvious that any pregnancy she endures is a high-risk pregnancy.

The family’s 19 kids range in age from four to 26 and Michelle Duggar did get pregnant in 2011, but miscarried. While it is the opinion of some people that Michelle Duggar is attempting to have a 20th child because of slacking show ratings, it makes this author wonder if it is possible to be addicted to being pregnant. Michelle Duggar may in fact fall into that cateogory if such a diagnosis did exist. However, the official medical stance on pregnancy addiction is still out.

There are cases, similar to Michelle Duggar’s, where women continually have babies. One such case is in England. Tara Sawyer, 37, happily claims that she is addicted to being pregnant. So much so that she will gladly be a surrogate to struggling couples for free. While Tara has not had 20 children like Michelle Duggar, she has four children of her own and has been a surrogate mother three times. Tara says of being a surrogate mother:

“Surrogacy is very addictive. It’s a huge rush from the moment the test comes back positive.”

One confusing issue with Michelle Duggar’s attempt at child number 20 is that she claims it’s “all up to God,” but seeks the services of a fertility doctor. Makes one scratch their head. Which is it? Do you want to leave it all in the hands of God, or would you like some assistance through science to get you the elusive baby? She clearly wants it both ways.

Another popular question on some folks’ minds is, “Why would Michelle Duggar risk her own life or the life of an unborn child?” While we cannot speak for Michelle Duggar, the video above shows that her doctor, Dr. Paul Wendel, explains the risks of being pregnant at her age. In 2011, Michelle Duggar gave birth to her youngest, Josie, after a near life-ending fight with preeclampsia. The media, TLC, and Michelle Duggar’s doctors all need to properly coach Michelle prior to her attempt at baby number 20. No matter what the reason is — TV ratings or personal preference — it’s not worth the risk of losing a life, whether it’s the unborn baby or Michelle Duggar.

[Video courtesy of NBC]

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