McScary A.K.A. ‘McCreepy’, Has Burger Giant Gone Too Far?

McDonald’s is about to introduce its new Happy Meal mascot-come-ambassador, but if social media is anything to go by, people are less than pleased with the new mascot which they have dubbed, among other names, “McScary.”

While McDonald’s claims that the new mascot will bring “fun and excitement” to its little customers, Twitter users are saying that it is scary and creepy and bound to give children nightmares.

The curious mascot is red and shaped like a Happy Meal box with a wide mile and two big eyes, but it hasn’t gone down so well.

One Twitter user posted: “‘Happy’ looks more McCreepy/McPervey than McScary,” while another Twitterer observed: “It’s the meal that eats you.”

Despite those, and hundreds of other similar comments, McDonald’s seems to be in denial, and no, I don’t mean the river in Egypt! They released a statement alleging that the new “McScary” mascot “will encourage kids to enjoy fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, and wholesome beverages such as water or juice.” Really?

Lisa McComb, a spokeswoman for McDonald’s, confirmed that “Happy,” McScary’s real name, will be rolled out nationwide on Friday and responded to the negative feedback on Twitter, saying that “Happy” has been “loved and well-received by children and families in Latin America and Europe” since 2009.

Part of the initiative behind “Happy” is due to McDonald’s getting a lot of flak in recent years for providing high-calorie junk food which is bad for kids’ health. Not only McDonald’s, but the whole fast food industry has come under some significant criticism from the government due to its role in the growing obesity issues in the US.

We have embedded a bunch of Tweets regarding the new “McScary” mascot for your convenience and reading pleasure:

Here is a short video regarding the criticism of “McScary”:

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