Can Drinking Sunscreen Ever Be Good For You?

Drinkable sunscreen may sound like something from a science fiction film but does it work and more importantly, is it good for you?

Harmonised H20 UV went on sale earlier this week and was billed as the world’s first drinkable sunscreen.

Here’s the science bit. Once poured down your gullet, the liquid molecules contained within the sunscreen begin to vibrate on the skin and cancel out 97 percent of UVA and UVB rays.

That is, according to the US company Osmosis Skincare.

Here’s the troubling bit. The company behind the liquid sunscreen has openly admitted that none of its claims have been approved by the Federal Drugs Agency.

Oh dear! Such was the mixed reception that greeted the world’s first unscientifically tested liquid sunscreen, The Telegraph wrote: “If unscientific claims were an illegal substance, this sunscreen would be so illegal that anyone caught possessing this sunscreen would be instantly shot. Into the sun.”

Harsh words perhaps, but then traditionally sunscreen was created to shield us from some harsh facts. Namely that prolonged and unprotected exposure to the sun’s rays without the added protection of sunscreen can cause cancer.

Would you be prepared to risk your own, or even your child’s health on a sunscreen that has not been tried, tested, or proven?

Speaking in The Daily Mail, Hermoine Lawson, spokesman at the British Skin Foundation, said: “We would advise extreme caution of any sunscreen claiming UV protection using methods not supported by clinical research. When it comes to an issue as serious as preventing skin cancer, customer testimonials cannot take the place of scientific evidence, for which this particular sunscreen cannot provide.”

Harmonised H20 is a sunscreen that may well work but before you go necking it any quantity and hitting the beach. Here’s a word of warning for all you sun chasers out there.

On the Harmonized H2O website it reads: “There is growing recognition in the scientific community that the body is better described as a hologram than ‘matter.’ These revelations have empowered energy medicine advocates and give credence to existing energetic strategies.”

Now obviously if we’re all holograms we don’t have to particularly worry about ending up looking like overcooked lobsters or being irreversibly harmed by UV rays. As such, all of us rare creatures of figment and thought can soak up the sun to our heart’s content without wearing, or even drinking, sunscreen.

Yet as the manufacturers behind the sunscreen also point out: “Negative thinking leave toxic energy clouds that interfere with the healthy vibrations.”

So please try to stay positive people.

In the meantime perhaps it’s best to wear a sunscreen that you can actually smear on your skin like you would a prize turkey prior to roasting, because the only alternative to more traditional sunscreens at the moment may prove just a little difficult to swallow.

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