Parents Torture ‘Demon-Possessed’ Child With A Cattle Prod

Two Oklahoma parents are accused of torturing their child with a cattle prod. Edward Everett, age 28, and Krystal Everett, age 32, said the abuse was necessary as their 6-year-old son is possessed by demons. Edward was arrested and charged with child abuse and neglect. Krystal was charged with permitting the abuse.

Last week, authorities received an anonymous call about the abuse. When they arrived at the home, they were stunned. The 6-year-old boy was found locked inside a bedroom, which was emptied of all furniture. According to reports, the child was covered in bruises, burns, and open sores. Authorities are calling it “one of the worst cases of child abuse and neglect” they have ever encountered.

The Canadian County Sheriff’s office and the Department of Human Services worked together to determine what happened. Although Edward and Krystal initially claimed the wounds were self-inflicted, they eventually admitted abusing the child.

Both parents insist their 6-year-old son is possessed by demons. As reportedly by Huffington Post, the child was routinely tortured with a cattle prod and beaten with a belt. As he spent the majority of his time locked inside the bedroom, the young boy was given an apple juice bottle to use as a toilet. Authorities estimate the child was fed only one meal each day.

Edward and Krystal Everett are currently being held at the Canadian County Jail. Although the couple has four children, it is unclear whether the others suffered similar abuse. Following the parents’ arrest, the six-year-old boy was transported to a local hospital for treatment. The other three children were placed in protective custody.

Undersheriff Chris West said “it’s a really outrageous case of child neglect” which shocked the entire community:

“There was a lot of talk at the Sheriff’s Office this morning… it’s just a terrible terrible thing to happen. You can’t imagine in your wildest dreams finding something like that. Especially if you’re a parent and have your own children.”

As reported by OKC Fox News, the Everett’s neighbors were stunned. George Heupel said he often passes the family’s home, unaware of what was happening inside:

“I wouldn’t even treat my animals that way… I feel sorry for the children.”

It is unimaginable that two parents would torture their child with a cattle prod. However, the Everetts seem convinced that their child was possessed by demons. The couple has not explained what led them to believe their son was possessed.

[Images via KFOR News]

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