Alienware Steam Machine: Find Out What Dell Said About Its Profitability

The Alienware Steam Machine is Dell’s entry into the console gaming market, taking Valve’s idea of a “Steam powered” PC and making it console-friendly.

As opposed to their usually cheap budget-minded computers, Dell’s Alienware is notorious for being the gamers’ dream, running the latest and biggest PC games with the greatest efficiency, due to its patented liquid cooling. That means that when other PCs overheat and become expensive bricks, Alienware PCs will keep going, giving you an advantage even over the PS4 and Xbox One with their processing power.

The processing power of the Alienware Steam Machine will come at a high cost, as usual. However, the cost won’t just be out of gamers’ wallets, but out of those of Dell. Alienware chief Frank Azor is calling Dell’s console the least profitable machine they ever made.

Could this lead to defects in manufacturing like regular Dell computers have occasionally shipped with? Possibly, but if they want to maintain a positive relationship with Valve, they will probably need to keep up the quality level as well, ensuring consumers are satisfied.

Azor says Alienware is optimistic about the future of the downloadable PC gaming market. He adds that being connected with Valve will be a step forward in realizing what could be the next wave in online gaming.

Considering how slowly the gaming public is warming up to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the Steam Machine might just be the next generation console we’re actually waiting for. Others are questioning the fate of a console made by so many manufacturers. The 3DO was a video game console that had multiple manufacturers, and due to its price, the public and game developers didn’t even want to find out what it was capable of.

Product marketing chief Tuan Nguyen compared the Steam Machine to the Android phone, stating that there are several on the market, all with their perks and pricing differences. Nguyen says he’d rather just see one on the market, possibly a collaboration of all manufacturers.

With Dell claiming the Alienware Steam Machine is their least profitable item ever, do you think they can make it work?

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