Is Balthazar Getty Depressed?

Balthazar Getty has been making a scene on the set of Brothers and Sisters, and his behavior isn’t just problematic– it has turned everyone against him! According to Marc Malkin at E!, Balthazar has “alienated” himself with his bad moods and performance, and a source confirms that “no one on set is a fan.”

Perhaps Mr. Getty’s canoodling with Sienna Miller hasn’t rekindled his lust for life. That’s too bad, because his relationship with his estranged wife (and the press) was at stake when he first started spending time (ahem) with Sienna, and he seems to have blown the whole deal.

“I’m told Getty has been late to set and he’s been in foul moods,” Malkin reports. “‘They often have to move shooting schedules around to accommodate [him],’ a source says.”

Balthazar’s also rumored to have caused a co-star to break down into tears, getting irritated when shooting was delayed. When the cameras did start rolling, Balthazar had forgotten his lines.

Is Balthazar losing it? His social circle has diminished significantly since his affair with Sienna, and these are not the first rumors that he’s been causing troubles on set.

A source commented that “It’s bad. It’s just so sad.”