SlideRider May Soon Turn Staircases Into Temporary Slides

The internet is buzzing with news that a product called the SlideRider may start turning staircases into temporary slides soon, fulfilling children’s dreams across the nation. SlideRider was invented for children by Trisha Cleveland. Cleveland is now working with Quirky with the goal of producing the sturdy folding mats that transform a typical staircase into a slide in minutes, according to The Awesomer. Quirky works with ordinary people to create new inventions. Once Quirky reviewed the impromptu, indoor slide, the team created a red and blue prototype. The design was chosen based on the Quirky online community’s input. Quirky, according to CNET, is currently searching for a manufacturer to mass-produce SlideRider.

The SlideRider team considered safety issues when developing the concept designs for SlideRider. The set of mats unfolds right down a set of stairs and it also has built-in SlideRider side rails to prevent children from slipping off the sturdy mats. According toLost At E Minor, “When not in use – which would be zero percent of the time – it can be folded and tucked away.”

Quirky states, “SlideRider features a weighted top and grippy bottom to keep everything securely in place and a cushioned bottom pad for a soft landing.”

Fox FM shared two images of the SlideRider prototype on their Facebook page. In the first 16 hours, the photo post received over 462,000 likes and over 164,000 shares. Twitter users are also getting in on the SlideRider buzz:

The specific weight limits and specifications are still set to change at the moment. Adults across the nation have their fingers crossed that SlideRider will be suitable for adults, but even if it isn’t, adults are already seeing alternative benefits to owning a SlideRider.

Quirky is asking for public help in figuring out how much the SlideRider should cost once it is in mass-production. The SlideRider Price Project webpage can be found here. The Quirky Timeline for the invention can be found here. Still, some grownups are growing impatient that the Sliderider team is taking more than five minutes on their research and development of the invention that has reignited their childhood aspirations.

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