‘Goat Simulator’ Patch Coming Soon With Tons Of Additions

A Goat Simulator patch is on its way very soon, and promises to practically double the gameplay. Developer Coffee Stain Studios originally released the game as a sort of April Fools joke, taking a very Grand Theft Auto setting and replacing the protagonist with a goat. Apparently it became more popular than they had anticipated, so now they’ve decided to add a lot more to the game.

The idea of using goats for comedy is nothing new, since for a few months it seemed every music video in history was getting footage of goats and lambs uttering almost human screams and grunts inserted for a chuckle. It worked, and the most popular of the additions was the screaming goat in Taylor Swift‘s “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Coffee Stain Studios simply took the joke a little further.

Now, the Goat Simulator patch is looking to include a bunch of new additions in its already hilarious concept of a game. Among the additions are a new map, new kinds of goats, and a split screen multiplayer mode.

This isn’t bad for what Coffee Stain Studios is calling the “world’s dumbest game.” Apparently PC gamers were looking for a good laugh, and they delivered.

Among the new additions to the game will be:

  • A new playable map that’s about the size of the old map.
  • Local split screen multiplayer for up to four players’ goats.
  • The ability to wall-run and balance on your front legs.
  • The ability to ride bicycles and skateboards.
  • New playable goats like “Tornado Goat,” “Shopping Goat,” “Classy Goat,” and “Repulsive Goat.”
  • Various optimizations, achievements, and other cool stuff

With the success of Goat Simulator, Coffee Stain raised enough money on Kickstarter to create another animal based game for the masses, Bear Simulator. If the new Goat Simulator patch eventually leaves you bored, there is more to come.

As of June 3, the new patch appears to be the equivalent of a Goat Simulator free download.

[Image Via Neoseeker]