Dad Files Restraining Order Against Kindergarten Bully

When one thinks of bullying, the ages run the gamut from kids on the playground to high schoolers in the locker room. In an effort to have his child free from bullying, one father took a restraining order out against the bully. This isn’t something that’s seen as a headline grabbing incident, unless you consider the age of the person on the other side of the restraining order, who is only five-years-old.

Brian Metzger, the father of his six-year-old daughter, is going to lengths to protect his daughter from getting picked on. According to the New York Daily News, the Wisconsin dad has decided to take the bullying up with the police in order to provide a more peaceful setting in the classroom.

According to a local Wisconsin news affiliate WSN, the bullying escalated when Metzger’s daughter came home with a very serious threat. According to the six-year-old’s father, she was threatened with violence. The five-year-old told Metzger’s daughter, ‘I want to slit your throat and watch you bleed.”

This isn’t the only case of bullying at his daughter’s school. According to Brian Metzger the five-year-old has done this to other children as well, and since Metzger had complained already to the school officials, he took it up a notch.

According to the Pleasant Prairie Police Department’s report, the threat, which happened on May 12, is considered “disorderly conduct” and also involved an attack which saw the boy kicking the girl in the face, and even throwing sand and rocks during a gym class. The five-year-old was sent home that day because of his actions, but this is not enough for the father of the six-year-old girl that was threatened.

A restraining order was delivered to the school the next day, and following that, the boy was removed from his daughter’s class. Although, who’s to say this won’t happen again? At least, that’s the thought that Metzger is now dealing with. His six-year-old daughter, who used to love going to Kindergarten, is now terrified to attend class. Due to his daughter’s fear, he wants the boy removed from the school altogether.

Prairie Lane Elementary School’s representative Tanya Ruder said in a statement:

“KUSD is working directly with the families involved and will continue working with them. Providing a safe learning environment for all students is one of our top priorities.”

As of right now, the next step in the restraining order against the five-year-old bully is a hearing which is set for May 20.

[Image via WSN]

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