The Rage About Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is a lifetime investment, so you want to be sure you are making the best possible purchase. The top two questions a man has in his mind when searching for the perfect engagement ring for his lady is how much should he spend and what style of ring should he buy?

It seems that there is a general rule regarding the amount that should be spent on an engagement ring according to BBC News. Some say it should be one month’s salary, some say up to three month’s salary. But who determined this? Where was this derived?

Prior to the 1930s, a woman did not receive a diamond engagement ring. It wasn’t until De Beers developed an advertising campaign linking diamonds with the act of engagement, according to BBC News. It was during this campaign that De Beers suggested one month’s salary be spent for a diamond engagement ring, and a major slogan in 1947 that simply stated, “A Diamond is Forever,” linking the diamond to the act of engagement.

It wasn’t until the 1980s that it went up to two month’s salary. BBC News reports that the advertising slogan during that time was, “How can you make two month’s salary last forever?” Yet again, emphasizing that the purchase of the diamond engagement ring is an investment.

However, in today’s economy, spending one, two, or even three month’s salary on an engagement ring is most likely not possible. But there are many trends today that allow flexibility without losing beauty and meaning in the engagement ring itself.

According to The Knot, there are a few trends this year that people are finding very appealing in their search for the perfect engagement ring. One suggestion is the East-West engagement ring in which the oval, marquis, or emerald cut stone is set horizontally making it appear larger than it is. Very clever.

The halo setting also gives tons of sparkle reveals The Knot. It is two tears of small diamonds surrounding the center stone in the engagement ring. It is extremely appealing to the eye.

Twisted Band engagement rings add flare as the band twists and turns around the solitaire center stone, for a little less conventional appearance.

One brilliant idea for engagement rings is to use different stones other than diamonds. offers ideas for a vast array of gemstones and styles including amethysts, rubies, sapphires, citrine, tanzanite, and many other colorful stones. If you don’t necessarily want to spend a small fortune on a diamond engagement ring, there are many alternatives that can be purchased for less than $500, but still have the great quality and beauty as the diamond engagement rings.

Engagement rings are a symbol of love. Contrary to what jewelry stores want you to think, you should find your bride a ring that is sentimental, beautiful, and one that won’t put you in a mountain of debt. True love is what lasts forever, not the engagement ring.

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