‘The Bachelorette’ 2014 Winner: How Reality Steve Backed His Biggest Spoiler In Show’s History

Fans of The Bachelorette are privy to one of the biggest spoilers in the history of the show. Reality Steve is good at obtaining convincing information for his spoilers, but the way he obtained the latest tip backing his claims about who won the 2014 season with Andi Dorfman is uncanny.

Video footage reveals finalist, Nick Viall, on a plane talking on his cell phone loud enough to be overheard. Bits of the conversation are inaudible, but overall it leaks more than enough inside information for television viewers.

A passenger recorded Nick on a US Airways flight two days after the final rose ceremony in the Dominican Republic. The flight was from Charlotte to Milwaukee on May 11th. Speaking loudly on the phone, Nick expresses his opinion of Josh Murray — the other finalist this Bachelorette season. Actually, Reality Steve posted two videos. The other video is of Viall talking about his time spent with Andi Dorfman.

Nick shares his thoughts about Josh Murray on video:

“Yeah, like, Josh won’t say sh*t. Like, he’ll do whatever she wants. He’s not that…he didn’t open up, he just kinda…he just eats, sleeps, and sh*ts and like, has a bad temper, and…you know, and…I mean, he’s really competitive yeah…he’s super emotional, he’s really insecure, and…ummmm, and he uhhhhh….it uhhhhhh….(pause to stuff his face with Cheetos)…and ummm…forgot what I was gonna say…oh and he’s incredibly set in his ways…”

It gets good when Nick talks about Andi’s family. He adds in the second video:

…”Oh, loved em.’ Love, love, loved her family. Great relationship with both her parents…”

Nick went on to reveal what Andi said to him — seeming to be in the finale episode. From his perspective, they both “clicked,” but she couldn’t go through with continuing their relationship.

Viall recalls Andi’s words:

“‘This is so easy with you’… she’s like, ‘This is so easy with you …’ And ironically, she’s basically saying, ‘It’s too hard. I can’t do this.’ You know, which, really wasn’t……27 (he must’ve just been asked her age)…she’s basically like, ‘I’m scared sh**less.'”

Here’s the clincher:

“I don’t know what else to say other than, like, it seemed like she really changed her mind, like, at the last moment.”

So, does it sound like Nick Vial gave us the ending to The Bachelorette 2014? This is fairly concrete as far as spoilers go. There’ll be fans who doubt Josh Murray wins no matter what they read, hear, or see.

If it’s 100 percent true that Dorfman picks Josh Murray in The Bachelorette finale, Classicalite cites In Touch magazine in its report that ABC mandates either a proposal or marriage at the end of this show. If that’s true, then Andi and Josh are definitely engaged.

Host, Chris Harrison, described how Andi was let down by some of the contestants in a related Inquisitr article, plus an early twist for the show is detailed in another written piece.

The Bachelorette 2014, season 10, premieres Monday, May 19 on ABC at 9:30 pm, ET/PT.

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