‘The Bachelorette’ 2014 Spoilers: Andi Dorfman Let Down By Finalists In Hometown Dates [Video]

Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette 2014 is two days away, and host Chris Harrison spilled a few of his own spoilers to CBS News when it comes to the 26-year-old woman finding love on the show. Turns out, Andi is let down by some of the men she kept on as finalists right up to the hometowns!

But before we get to that, this is what Harrison shares concerning Dorfman coming out of Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor 2014:

“Coming off Juan Pablo’s season I think we saw her as this really tough, no-nonsense attorney and we were all proud of the way she handled him. But the softer, more vulnerable side is what I’ve gotten to know and the self-deprecating sense of humor that I see as she’s gone through The Bachelorette has been really refreshing.”

As time passes on The Bachelorette each week, cracks begin to show with the contestants. The men can’t hide everything about themselves forever; Andi learns this as the semi-finalists get closer to the end. Harrison reveals:

“And on a serious note, she got pretty far in the show — hometowns, and going on the exotic dates — and realized this isn’t the guy I thought he was. So she definitely still has those fears of going through this and getting to know somebody, maybe falling in love and realizing he’s not the guy I was falling in love with. She definitely still has that fear and that vulnerability.”

What does Andi Dorfman learn about the men she didn’t know before? Reality Steve dishes on a lot of Bachelorette spoilers, but he doesn’t elaborate on intimate details of the show… that’s part of the reason why fans watch in spite of the answers they get from his website.

Whomever is chosen to find love on these shows must “give” themselves “to the process,” Harrison says. Things will go smoother if a bachelor or bachelorette do that. Unfortunately, pain and disappointment are part of the deal. People magazine reports that Andi was “shocked and devastated” when contestant, Eric Hill, was killed in a paragliding accident this spring. The assistant district attorney from Atlanta will experience her share of sadness and despair throughout the season.

Another Inquisitr article dishes on an early season twist when Andi Dorfman’s season premieres. Fans will get the typical dose of surprises and drama that inherently come with this series.

The Bachelorette 2014, season 10, premieres Monday at 9:30 pm, ET/PT on ABC.

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