‘Rage Ride’ Kickstarter Campaign Looks To Bring Back ‘Road Rash’ Combat

A new Rage Ride Kickstarter campaign is looking to bring you back to the days of Road Rash. The gameplay in question involved bikers with chains and baseball bats who attempted to knock you off your bike for a cheap win. However, you could also turn the tables on them by stealing their weapon when they tried to hit you with it and hitting them back.

The concept was unique, and for a while it was the closest we had to a fighting game on home consoles. The goal was still a race to the end, but along the way, you had to deal with other bikers, as well as the police who only went after the player. That last part was what made it a little unfair, and even continued in Need for Speed Underground 2. After motorcycle racing in general had been ruined with horrible controls in the Moto GP sequels, it seemed Road Rash and everything that made it fun was dead.

Rage Ride is attempting to put you right back on the motorcycle, savagely beating the competition again. Hopefully, they’ll get the controls down better than the original series did, so it doesn’t feel so much like a roll of the dice even trying to do more than race. Having the police chase other riders would be nice as well.

Rage Ride developer Nick Baynes, the man behind Pure and Split/Second, has created IronFist Games as he attempts to take a new direction with his arcade style ambitions:

“The big difference between this and a lot of other campaigns is that we’ve gone public at the very start of the concept phase. Arcade racing is a really hard genre to launch with publishers or investors these days so taking it to Kickstarter first made sense. It’s a great way to gauge interest, and also if the demand is there then it means we can make it directly with the backers and retain complete creative control over the project.”

Baynes states that the first goal is to make Rage Ride for PC, and if the Kickstarter campaign brings in more, IronFist Games will consider other platforms as well. The Road Rash inspired title will be more open so gamers can create their own mods for it, and some higher funders will be given the ability to help design the game. They are planning to make this game a community project, and Baynes is excited to see what the public comes up with.

If you would like to donate to the Road Rash-inspired Rage Ride Kickstarter campaign, click here, and possibly be part of the next big arcade racer development team.

[image via retrospiritgames]