$35 Million ‘Star Trek’ Themed Mansion For Sale

A one-of-a-kind mansion has hit the market in Boca Raton, Florida, and for Star Trek fans, its a dream come true.

The $35 million, 34,458 -square-foot home in Boca’s Princeton Estates is being sold by internet mogul Marc Bell, the former CEO of FriendFinder Networks, Inc. The luxury estate, which has an impressive 8 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms, features a waterfall-equipped swimming pool and its own ballroom, but what really makes it unique is the in-home movie theater, decorated as a life-sized replica of the command deck of Star Trek‘s Starship Enterprise.


The bridge, which is designed to look like the incarnation featured in Star Trek: The Next Generation, features sound effects from the show built into the doors and is adjoined by a “ready room” themed lobby. Aside from a life-sized Borg in the lounge, the bridge is ringed with tribbles, and the ceiling is covered with thousands of fake stars. A variety of other Star Trek paraphernalia, including posters, model ships, and even pinball machines, adorn many of the mansion’s other rooms.

The arcade is filled with various Star Trek and Star Wars themed pinball machines.
The arcade is filled with various Star Trek and Star Wars themed pinball machines.

The 46 year old Bell, a self professed “geek,” told Boca Raton’s SunSentinel that “There’s not a rational, logical reason to it. It was just a fun idea.” According to the father of three, his upbringing played a large role in his desire to build the house, which features other themed rooms centered around media franchises like Call Of Duty and Star Wars. Not allowed to make a mess in his house as a child, Bell says that he resolved not to be “that kind of parent,” paving the way for what his real estate agent, Senada Adzem Bernard, calls “a house for people who, in their minds, are still kids.”

The swimming pool of Bell's mansion features a waterfall.
The swimming pool of the mansion features unique stonework and a waterfall.

According to the SunSentinal, some real estate agents have expressed skepticism about the $35 million dollar price point, with or without the Star Trek-themed room. Michael Citron, a local agent, pointed out to the paper that the house is in western Boca, and as such is nowhere near the ocean. West Palm Beach broker Douglas Rill highlighted the fact that the house was only appraised for $6.1 million, though he concedes that a wealthy, Star Trek-mad buyer may “act on emotion” in purchasing it.

Luckily for fans who don’t have such deep pockets, there are other options for experiencing the bridge of their favorite Star Trek vessel as The Inquisitr previously reported.

[Images via Daily News]