Epic Rap Battles Of History: Bob Ross Versus Picasso [VIDEO]

Season three of Epic Rap Battles of History, by EpicLLOYD and Nice Peter, have once again given Youtube fans awesome scenarios when one iconic figure were to battle another iconic figure in an epic showdown of rap supremacy. Thanks to them, we can now enjoy classic match-ups slaughter each other with quick beats and sick rhymes.

Here on The Inquisitr, we bring you all the funniest videos that go viral on the internet, including Video Game Of Thrones. Now, we bring you the fourth battle from season three of Epic Rap Battles of History: Bob Ross versus Picasso. Fellow writer, Jan Omega, actually knows this one a bit more since he is an artist. Anyways, from what he has told me, Bob Ross is known for bringing easy-to-do classroom art on television, mostly through trees and bushes. However, his style is known for not being realistic and actually popping out way too much. He even supposedly stole the style from his teacher. Picasso however is considered the great art master for the 20th century. From his different painting periods, to innovating cubism, Picasso is famous in the art world along with Salvator Deli, Peter Max, and many other modern artists. This epic rap battle pits someone who became famous through making art a hobby by someone who was famous for making something original that moved the art world.

So who won? Well it depends on what you want? If you like to understand art, collect art, and know art history, Picasso all the way. If you want to feel good, Ross is your man. Who did you think won?

For more Epic Rap Battles, check out the official webpage at Youtube.

[Image via Youtube Screencap]