Chris Bosh Brings Rare Outside Game From Big Man To Miami Heat Championship Run

Chris Bosh has always been the different breed of NBA center. He doesn't block that many shots, but he can score from almost anywhere on the court. Chris Bosh's ability to hit the three pointer is becoming an even bigger weapon in this year's NBA playoffs.

Bosh leads all players (not just centers) who are currently still playing and haven't gone home. The Miami Herald reports Bosh is shooting 48.6 percent from beyond the three-point arc makes it that much harder to guard Chris and makes Bosh a valuable weapon that other teams simply don't know how to counter on a number of different levels.

Chris Bosh is now a whopping 8 from 11 from three point range heading into the Eastern Conference Finals. and hit a couple of big bombs in a game that put the Heat over the Brooklyn Nets in game four of that series. The problem that the Heat are going to have to deal with, is if Chris Bosh falls in love with shooting from beyond the arc.

In game one of the series against the Indiana Pacers, Bosh took five shots from three point land and didn't sink one shot. In total, he went just 4 for 12 from the field and played a rather large role in the Heat starting off down 1 game to 0 in the Eastern Conference finals.

Bosh fell in love with being on the outside and because of that he also wasn't able to do much on the boards. To go along with Chris' rather meager 9 points, Bosh hauled down just 2 rebounds. It's not exactly a surprise that when one of the Heats' biggest stars disappears, it's hard for the team to win.

While Chris Bosh can bring a new aspect to a game that other teams can't match, there has been concern about the lack of defense being played when he's on the court. Some have said that the Miami Heat need to add another big man to spell Chris Bosh when the going gets tough and when the shots aren't falling.

Others believe that Chris Bosh has been hitting enough shots that he can usually mitigate the damage that is being done by his less than impressive defense. Considering Bosh's mates would likely argue the opposite following Sunday's series opening loss, the question appears to be one that is still open.

One thing is clear, when Chris Bosh is hitting threes the way he was earlier in the playoffs, the Heat look an awful lot like a juggernaut.