Dalai Lama’s Congratulatory Letter To Narendra Modi May Have A Hidden Message

As Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi readies to accept the responsibility of Prime Minister of India, he is being offered congratulations from all corners of the world, including one from Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama.

The leader officially congratulated PM-elect Narendra Modi via a letter. He chose to specifically mention BJP’s “decisive” victory in the general elections. The Dalai Lama also stated that India is the world’s largest democratic nation and the most stable in South Asia with a deep tradition of “ahimsa” (non-violence), reported NDTV.

The Dalai Lama also had other praises for the country. He said that he took special pride in citing India as a long–living example of exhibiting strong unity in diversity and an ancient country in which the major world’s religious traditions have flourished and from which other countries could certainly learn many an important lesson, reported Deccan Chronicle.

The leader was specifically aware of the development and progress Mr. Narendra Modi’s home–state Gujarat has enjoyed under his leadership and hoped the same is achieved on a national level. The Dalai Lama has expressed that just as he (Modi) had brought development and prosperity to Gujarat, he prayed that, under his leadership, India would continue to flourish and prosper, stated the office of Tibetan spiritual leader in Dharamsala.

Mr. Narendra Modi & Dalai Lama At An Archaeology Museum In Vadodra, Gujarat.

The Dalai Lama appears to have lauded the leader with praises, but he may also have appealed to the new leader for Tibet. The Himalayan region is in one of the highest and difficult terrains to access in the world. But that doesn’t even begin to describe the problems of the region. Owing to its relatively poor revenue-generation opportunities, the region has forever been dependent on foreign aid from countries like China and India.

Modi has won a uniform and unanimous majority. Such a historic win has never been witnessed in India. This means that the regional government has the ability to become the most stable thus far, one that cannot be threatened by “coalition” forces. Such a majority offers the Modi Government very strong rights to enact laws and policies that cannot be strongly opposed or toppled.

The Dalai Lama has always been a devout follower and professor of non–violence. Similarly, Mr. Narendra Modi hails from the very same place where Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, or as the world knows him as “Mahatma Gandhi,” was born. Given the similarities, the spiritual leader might have appealed the new Prime Minister to ensure that Tibet remains a free and sovereign country.

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