Zac Efron Reportedly In Talks For Secret Marvel Movie

Zac Efron Doctor Strange Adam Warlock

Is Zac Efron the latest actor heading for the Marvel Universe?

It’s unlikely that there are very many actors out there who wouldn’t want to suit up for a superhero movie these days. Although comic book flicks were once considered a questionable career path, they’re now the industry’s biggest box office draws. If you’re a young actor who doesn’t mind putting on a costume and fighting bad guys, then there’s plenty of money just itching to jump into your bank account.

According to Indiewire, Zac Efron recently sat down for a meeting with the boys and girls over at Marvel Studios. Although the website speculates that the Neighbors star could tackle a role in Ant-Man or Netflix’s upcoming Daredevil series, there’s really no concrete details available to the masses as of this writing. Sorry about that.

The rumors about Efron’s involvement with an unspecified Marvel movie arrived courtesy of the folks over at Latino Review. Anyone who has spent a fair amount of time pouring over Hollywood rumors understands the website occasionally gets things completely wrong. In short: Take this Zac Efron rumor with a grain of salt. After all, neither the actor nor his representatives have confirmed the report just yet.

Here’s what the website had to say about the situation:

“He was given a script for the project just recently and currently no one knows which part is actually in play. The only one that knows that answer is his manager and he will not comment on it. Could Efron be the flagship casting for Marvel’s move into a massive four-series Netflix push as Daredevil?”

Latino Review also theorizes that the High School Musical graduate could play Doctor Strange or Adam Warlock in an upcoming motion picture. There’s also a possibility that Efron and Marvel could make some sort of joint announcement at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. As you can tell, it’s all speculation at this stage in the game.

A Captain America: The Winter Soldier easter egg pretty much confirmed that Marvel is putting together a Doctor Strange project. Fans also believe that Thor: The Dark World contained Adam Warlock’s cocoon, which means the character could appear on the big screen at some point down the road. Is Zac Efron possibly discussing one of these roles with producers?

What do you think about the rumors suggesting that Marvel and Zac Efron are joining forces? What character do you think the Neighbors star should play?

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