Operation American Spring Fizzles, Twitter Trolls Hold Major Mockfest

The protest known as Operation American Spring — estimated by organizers to number ten to 30 million angry Americans — is currently underway, as seen in the livestream above.

While Operation American Spring — inspired by the “Arab Spring” protests and Occupy Wall Street — was touted as a potentially huge turnout event, protesters appear to be light on the ground in Washington, DC.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, users held a major mockfest:

Others were a bit more pointed in their American Spring critique:

It’s difficult to find the supporters of Operation American Spring, and on the livestream, some of the organizers seem angry and frustrated by the very low turnout.

One protester claims several would-be attendees are “trapped in the campgrounds” by “flooded entrances,” but it’s not clear whether adverse weather conditions have impeded attendance to any meaningful degree.

Small turnout has not discouraged supporters at home, one of whom tweeted:

As of now, American Spring coverage has been limited to the livestream and Twitter organizing — with mentions of the planned protests minimal on mainstream media sites and stations.

The Operation American Spring livestream above is just one of at least three, current feeds and it isn’t clear how long protesters plan to stay in Washington to persist in their attempt to unseat the current federal government.

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