Will Morrissey Join The Twitter Royal Family?

Morrissey may be a global icon renowned for his acid tounged attacks on everyone from Kate Middleton to your local butcher, but until earlier this week Morrissey had yet to exploit Twitter as a way to connect with the masses and have a right proper go!

And about time too, because Morrissey and Twitter were pretty much tailor made for one another like an arrow and a bow.

Often regarded as king of the one-liners and held in great affection by the British public as the thinking man’s Jim Davidson, Morrissey’s casual command of the scathing put-down and holy aura of impenetrable pretension has long intrigued, bemused, and sickened in equal measure.

Like Twitter, Morrissey is often regarded as a bad habit, difficult to shake, but unrelenting in its insidious tenacity to become a small part of your life. The more you ignore them the closer they get.

Like the microblogging site, Morrissey seems to have an awful lot to say about a lot of things that in reality mean nothing. Yet this is largely redundant next to the entertaining and engaging way in which Morrissey said it.

Take Morrissey’s first tweet for example: “Hello. Testing, 1,2,3. Plnet Earth, are you there? One can only hope…”

The Independent described it as: “A typically Morrissey-esque attempt at esoteric hyperbole that reads like a stoned sixth form English student’s bathroom door.”

Now the writer in question could have just said it was just ‘crap’ and be done with it. Yet such is the nature of Morrissey, he brings out the worst and best in people with a simple tweet, and compels people, especially journalists, to try and out Morrissey Morrissey by criticizing him with a thoughtfully crafted insult.

Within hours Morrissey’s initial tweet had been re-tweeted over 18000 times. But to be fair Morrissey could have tweeted ‘trousers’ and enjoyed the same result. Such is the vacuous wonderment of social media.

Morrissey’s second tweet: “Follow, follow, follow. Twitter is the perfect metaphor for…something. Dunno what.” Was again delightfully cryptical in an artfully meaningless and despairing sort of way.

Yet Morrissey’s rantings are just the type of nutritionless fodder Twitter thrives upon.

Morrisey is often regarded as a martyr of misery but in truth Morrissey is a master of mirth. Morrissey is also the master of saying the wrong thing and garnering a lot of column inches because of it.

Remember, Morrissey is the man who is forever attacking the British royal family and making inflammatory statements such as: “I see no difference between eating animals and padophilia.”

When such a creature as Morrissey takes to Twitter there can only be one outcome. Publicity and lots of it.

Which is just as well because Morrissey does have a new album to promote don’t you know?