Austin Mahone Offers Words Of Wisdom To Young Artists

austin has advice for young musicians

Austin Mahone believes he’s ready to share some life experiences with the youngsters who are hoping to break into the music business.

Although the “Banga Banga” singer is just 18 years old, he’s acquired quite a bit of experience during his time in the industry. Instead of keeping this knowledge squirreled away inside a tiny box under his bed, Mahone decided to drop some wisdom on the boys and girls who are currently dreaming of releasing music and touring the globe.

Austin may not have anything original to say on the subject — it’s strictly “do what you love” kind of stuff — but at least the guy is trying to provide a little guidance for folks who want to follow in his teenage footsteps.

“I would say just keep doing what you love. Keep focused on what it is you want… and don’t pay attention to other people around you who want to bring you down. Then you’ll go very far. Keep your head up high,” he explained to CBS News.

Austin Mahone’s advice didn’t stop there. He also offered up a few lessons that every teenage should know when they’re attempting to navigate the tricky game of life.

The singer’s impromptu driver’s ed class included the following lecture:

“The main three things teens need to understand — when you’re driving you got to buckle up…Second, you got to slow down — don’t speed — and third: Don’t let your friends distract you in the car by showing you pictures or turning on the radio… wait until you get to your destination.”

Mahone has certainly found success following his dreams. Since the guy isn’t content to woo the masses with this pop songs, Austin recently revealed that he’s eager to take Hollywood by storm. In fact, The Inquisitr previously reported that Mahone wouldn’t mind starring in a big-budget action flick.

“I’d like to do more acting jobs and more shows and stuff. It’s fun and any time I have an opportunity to act, I do it,” Mahone told Yahoo! following his stint on The Millers.

Austin added, “Ideally I’d love to star in an action movie. If I get an opportunity I’m going to take it. My ideal person to star opposite would be Will Ferrell — he’s great. Women? Probably Mila Kunis or Jennifer Aniston.”

In short: Stay focused on your objectives and ignore the haters. If young singers follow their dreams and ignore what other people are saying about you behind closed doors, then they could become the next Austin Mahone.

[Image via YouTube / “Banga Banga” Music Video]